Back at the grindstone, ish, back at the WEAK NOTES.

So what’s happened during the break?

I’m not really back back yet - the schools haven’t returned so we’re still largely in Festive Family Goblin Mode, but I’ve written some code and had a couple of calls. Don’t really hit the grindstone until Tuesday though.

At the tail end of last year we finally got all our permission ducks in a row for the project I’m working on and now we’re into the build. There’s some quite tight deadlines early on, but it’s nice to be head down in the code.

It’s nearly a year since I started writing on Radio Free Hatfield (although there were only six posts in the first six months). Perhaps I should mark the occasion? Or, heaven forfend, actually tell someone this exists?

84% sure Rebel Moon was written by an algorithm. Also, it was awful. But not?


The Westbury definitely isn’t being turned into a single P90 DC Jnr style thing. I have removed all the rusty screws and stuff though:

It’s an absolute beaut of a guitar and I’m going to leave it completely stock (apart from all the new screws). Because I really need another two humbucker Les Paul-esque guitar in my life. Gggngh.

I also accidentally picked up a Shergold Telstar while out day drinking with my wife… but I’m in “one project at a time mode” so more on that later. It’s a great sounding guitar though, decent pickups and neck and nice to play (very Squier-esque in both price and form). That said, once you take the covers off the wiring leaves a bit to be desired and it took them at least two goes to get the scratchplate on (and it’s still a bit wonky).

I’m also auditing the guitar collection, which needs to be pared down a bit.

I was going to get excited about a General Election but apparently it’s been postponed until at least the second half of the year.

I have started engaging with Threads a little more, which is lumbering towards being feature complete. What’s super helpful is that Elon chap is continuing to drive people there so a lot of people I follow are there, although the bots and fash are catching up. And…. they’ve even fired up their ActivityPub schtick too.

I do love Mastodon though - the instance I’m on ( is great… very nerdy.

Anyway, along with the vague desire to knuckle down with the music stuff, I’m re-engaging with the socials. Which is going to mean some cross posting for a bit, I guess. At least until there’s an API I can hit for Threads.

Goals achieved from the previous week three weeks:

  • Peace, love and understanding. Also, cheese.

Goals for the coming week:

  • Get back on the running routine - Booked to run a 10k in exactly 7 weeks.
  • Get back into a practice routine, with videoing myself as part of the deal (else you don’t learn nothing)
  • Audit the guitars
  • Eat considerably less cheese and other associated crap

Short one, because it’s not really 2024 yet, is it? See you next week.