Hi, my name is Neil.

I write code for a living, mainly in .NET, mainly on a contract basis. More than a quarter of a century experience down the code mines, man and boy. There’s been a surprising amount of trains involved during this time.

Music is life. I go to a lot of gigs, and I’m always interested in hearing something new.

Keen guitar player and wannabe luthier. Lo-fi loop deployments and series switching wiring are my specialties.

Gamer, lately Steam Deck and PS5. Online multiplayer can mainly get in the bin, give me a solid story and a shotgun.

Huge film and TV nerd, lots of sci-fi and crime noir.

Husband and father. Sincere apologies to everyone affected. They’re wonderful and I’m very lucky they put up with me.

Definitely old enough to know better.

It’s nice to meet you.