Marvel fired Jonathan Majors as Kang, following his conviction for assaulting his then-partner. Which is absolutely the correct move on their part. Violence against women remains an absolute blight on our society, and any tacit implication that abusers will be tolerated needs to be wiped out.

(The beancounters still snuck out Loki Season 2 before the verdict though, didn’t they?)

There is much chatter about how this leaves the MCU franchise in chaos (with Kang being the big bad of an Avengers movie in a couple of years) but they can simply recast. They’ve done it before. With actual Avengers.

(Leslie Odom Jr gets my vote, by the way.)

We can always splice the replacement actor into the previous movies like they did with Tig Notaro in Army of the Dead. As a general rule we should splice Tig Notaro into everything. In fact… Tig Notaro as Kang?

Better, though, would be to bring forward Secret Wars and put a bullet in the whole MCU continuity, start fresh. They’ve done most of the multiverse set-up, they’ve dealt with Kang at least twice (Quantumania and Loki) and the box office numbers aren’t particularly great lately for everything else. Franchise fatigue has set in. Cue multiversal beat-em-up and reboot.

No one cares any more.


…did you see that 1.5 second flash of a red-suited Daredevil in the Echo trailer?

The remaining thing will be to see how Jonathan Majors proceeds from this point. He’s a driven and focused individual, idolised by many. He has an opportunity here to use those qualities by showing contrition and self-awareness, working to understand and change his own behaviour and setting an example for men everywhere that our attitudes need to change, and can change. We don’t have to wait for some future generation, we don’t have to treat learning this lesson that violence and abuse are abhorrent as some denial of our fundamental rights. That we’re not cavemen anymore.

Or he could go full wingnut, I guess.

I hope it’s the former.