WEAK NOTES are a sign of a well organised, dedicated mind. Ah ha ha ha ha haha ha ha…

I started Monday with my weight at a rather shameful 82.6kg (I should be about 6kg lighter than according to my BMI - about a stone in old money).

When I’m in the coding zone I do tend to unconsciously snack, so it’d back on the MyFitnessPal food logging this week (which really seems to help) and low-ish calorie goal for the day. Thing is, as I’m pushing 50 and in a very sit-down job that calorie number is about 1,300 net.

I also pulled a muscle in my thigh which put a dint in my running for a few days, so it’s good to have something to focus on.

Alas, crumpets.

Woke up in the week with a powerful urge to watch Strange Days (the Katheryn Bigelow 1995 sci-fi movie where Ralph Fiennes suffers horribly in his post-cop life as a Meta Quest salesman) and it’s still not available to stream anywhere (at least in the UK). That may be a good thing? It’s probably not as good as I remember.

But… Jim Jarmusch’s Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai is on iTunes now, which was my other streaming white whale. Easily the best hip-hop ronin mafia flick you’ll watch today. You’ll thank me later.

According to a few of the “where’s this streaming?” sites people who liked Strange Days also like Johnny Mnemonic. They’re not wrong. Keanu Reeves was robbed of an Oscar nomination for the “I… want… ROOM SERVICE…” IMHO.

Godzilla Minus One (which still has no home release scheduled, dammit) got an Oscar nod for VFX. Well deserved.

As a point of interest, Godzilla Minus One cost $15 million to make. The Academy Awards ceremony cost nearly $57 million to put on last year, and it’s still a pile of misogynistic crap, right Ken?.

Now let me buy it and inflct on my family, and include the grainy black & white Godzilla Minus One Minus Colour

It has not been an optimum week for the robotic exploration of space. NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter crashed and JAXA faceplanted the SLIM (but in the right place).

I adore the Ingenuity, and I love that it made 72 of 5 scheduled flights it was going to make and outperformed it’s mission parameters so massively. Human exploration of Mars is now a priority. So we can get to da choppa. (And fix it.)

Goals achieved from the previous week:

  • Eat well not so much
  • Sleep well not too bad
  • Run more some pretty good, got my first 10km in
  • Play guitar for an hour every day, on video not at all, work got in the way

Goals for the coming week:

  • Survive last week project crunch
  • Play guitar
  • That’s it (see last week project crunch)

And where, and where, and where [dum dum dum] is the Batman?