Note to self: insert a terribly witty intro regarding WEAK NOTES here.

It’be been an “at the grindstone” sort of week so there’s not too much to report.

I went to my client’s offices. They’re also the last permy job I had (nearly twenty years ago) and the coming weeks are their last in these offices before the move to some new premises half a mile up the road. Like so many they’re adapting to a post-pandemic hybrid model, plus their current spot on the Old Street roundabout is ripe for redevelopment so I imagine the building will be torn down rather than re-let.

Still, I’ve been going to that building on and off (mostly off, sometimes for years) since 2002 and it’s hard not to feel a mild nostalgia for it. For an office building. Weird.

Went to see EMF at The Garage on Saturday and they were great. They played a chunk of stuff off their new album which sounds marvelous. I’m not entirely sure Stephen Fry didn’t walk across the stage in a mask during Hello People.

I had to do some consolidation because the number of playlists I had set up in iTunes was getting out of hand. Turns out you total up all the mixtapes (well, playlists) I’ve made my wife in the past seven years it comes to five and a half days worth of music. I’ve grouped them by year now.

Now I just need to sift through a dozen or so ones full of in progress Looptron tunes…

50 year nuclear batteries anyone? Absolutely nothing can go wrong. Nothing.

(Seriously, that looks really bloody clever though.)

There’s a ghost bus near here, a quirk of transport legislation and general stupid. I’m going to give it a go, I think.

One of my favourite books when I first started learning guitar back in the day was (Joe Satriani - Guitar Secrets)[] (Amazon UK). It wasn’t really a “book” at all - they’d collected 41 columns he wrote for Guitar magazine over the years. Each “lesson” wasn’t really a lesson at all… it was an idea about a set of chords, or a technique, or a map of all the harmonics on a string. Just something new to think about every month.

Instagram guitar teachers are kind of the same deal… “here’s three jazz chords”, “neat sweep picking trick”.

Goals achieved from the previous week:

  • Build the work thing I’m supposed to build this week without further distractions, despite some lengthy calls booked about 90%, there was a change which has caused a pivot
  • The eating less crap thing damn you, crumpets, damn you
  • Go to bed at a sensible hour Only if falling asleep on the sofa counts

rolling at least two of these with a hard start on the diet on Sunday

Goals for the coming week:

  • Eat well
  • Sleep well
  • Run more
  • Play guitar for an hour every day, on video

It’s gonna be blowy. Stay indoors.