The last thing I should be doing at this precise moment is writing some WEAK NOTES. But here we are.

I’m writing this at 2am. Everyone went to bed hours ago (there’s some lurgy going round) and I am procrastinating hard instead of just laying my weary head down. I do this all the time and it’s fucking stupid and completely self destructive. Why? No idea.

It’s been a long work week with very little to show for it… yet. Lots of plumbing, but the users never see the plumbing unless it goes wrong. But I like it when there’s something tangible to demo at the end.

Next week.

Not sure how I feel about Echo… great character, great cast, I like the overall story arc and the Maya vs Kingpin relationship/conflict, I’m more than OK with the way they reinvented her powers… but… could’ve been a movie, maybe? The pacing and insertion of material from Hawkeye were a bit wonky to my mind, and they maybe over-egged the flashbacks (although I’m not sure how you’d have worked those in to a 2 hour cut over a 4-ish hour cut).

It’s a shame that the base motivation for her actions is entangled in Hawkeye, actually - they should have kept them separate and done Echo completely standalone. It robs the emotional heft of her initial conflict with Kingpin when you only see a smidge of it.

Still, we got some of that quality Netflix Daredevil long-take scrapping in episode one. (And maybe Foggy and Karen are back for Born Again…)

We have completed our Brooklyn Nine-Nine rewatch. That show is an utter joy. And the theme tune (dinky as it is) has been living rent free in my brain:

@looptron_music May have binged through all eight seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine over the past few weeks. #guitar #livelooping #tvthemesongs #brooklynninenine #westburyguitars ♬ original sound - Looptron

That is my first TikTok in ages (and it’s been cross-posted to YouTube and Instagram). I do have some fairly simple workflow set up to tape myself rehearsing now though, so expect more video nasties.

(Note to self: Tik Tok embeds look weird, CSS that shit.)

Speaking of video nasties, Tim Lerch has all Ted Greene’s chord mojo and similar smooth voiceover chops to boot:

A lot of his schtick goes over my head, but my word it’s relaxing to listen to. I might even be learning stuff. You should definitely follow him. (There’s a good episode of That Pedal Show with him too.)

Annie Nightingale has died after a good innings. Honestly, the world needs more like her and John Peel.

Goals achieved from the previous week:

  • Get back on the running routine - Booked to run a 10k in exactly 7 weeks. 2 runs down, going out for a long one later
  • Get back into a practice routine, with videoing myself as part of the deal (else you don’t learn nothing) yep, although not as much as I’d like because I got distracted trying to figure our the B99 thing
  • Eat considerably less cheese and other associated crap Not so much, although the early part of the week wasn’t too bad. Rolling this one over

Goals for the coming week:

  • Build the work thing I’m supposed to build this week without further distractions, despite some lengthy calls booked
  • The eating less crap thing
  • Go to bed at a sensible hour

Go to bed, Neil. FFS.

Sincerely, Raymond Holt

(RIP Andre)