More like MONTH NOTES and it looks like I never posted these, and then totally fell off the blogging wagon (along with several other wagons) due to a mixture of lurgy, circumstance, climate change and a raft of work stuff arriving simultaneously. So I’m posting this as is and starting fresh just to clear the cache, so to speak.

Sod bed-bug infested Paris. We’ll always have WEAK NOTES. Although we didn’t last week because I wasn’t well at all on Sunday. Could barely get off the sofa.

I have had deeply weird dreams and very poor sleep lately. I dreamt I was on the Docklands Light Railway except it was going rollercoaster speeds and you couldn’t get off.

If the robopocalypse comes with DB droids I’m all in.

The first stage in admitting you have a problem is to post about it on your website. I have experimented with country music. I am truly sorry for the distress this has caused my friends and family. We ask for privacy and understanding at this time while we heal together.

The beeb has checked in with Keith Richards to make sure he’s warm enough and has a blanket and he has this to say about the guitar:

“The fascinating thing is that the more you play it, the less you know it,” he says. “It provides you with endless questions. You can never know the whole thing. It’s impossible.”

I’m really feeling that lately. For many years I was quite content. I could play stuff, some of it quite tasty and complex, and I had a fairly good ear. The odd Vai tune was not entirely beyond me. But most of what I played with Looptron was simple diatonic parts, interspersed with the synths and all made into a whole. Most of Superhet Deceiver’s repertoire was defined by it’s simplicity.

YouTube, Insta and all that are changing me though - I basically have a feed of wonderful guitar players playing things I didn’t know existed, plus access to decades of legacy stuff. And the crux of the thing is that some people just think about the instrument completely differently. No overlap.

Watch Ted Greene talking about the harmonic rainbow in 1993.

Goals achieved from the previous week:

  • See The Creator - I failed, probably contributing to it’s remarkably soft box office
  • Set up the Jaguar - It’s had a whole raft of tweaks
  • lose 1kg (starting weight 77.9kg) - We’ll see
  • That project sign off thingy - Done, as far as I can tell

Goals for the coming week: // todo

Au revoir, mes petits chous.