Dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner WEAK NOTES!

Short one this week, partly because it was so busy, but also I have a big stack of accountancy to do. Good work progress this week though, been hacking through a load of the structural stuff on the new project. It’s the plumbing bits you only get to do once in a blue moon. Fun. And it looks like the client is getting their ducks in a row too.

I am now a Fender Jaguar owner, and I am whole. It’s a great sounding guitar out of the box, although it needed the usual offset tweaks to account for my non-jazz play style (shim the neck to improve the break angle on the bridge, swap to a Mustang style bridge to stop the strings migrating sideways). It was a proper bargain too - literally box fresh for a couple of hundred below even the cheapest retail.

There’s some small tweaks to do and upgrades parts ordered (Staytrem have an eight week backlog) but more on that later - I’ve barely had time to play it.

Went to see Peter Pan Goes Wrong. It’s sooooo good (speaking as someone in their fifth decade), and while the ten-year-old was initially skeptical he bloody loved it too. The show-within-a-show works brilliantly - they start while the audience are coming in, with the "tech crew" setting up the stage and it progresses from there. I honestly don’t want to say too much about it in case you’re off to see it while it’s on tour, but it’s some of the best put together comedy I’ve ever seen, and it’s truly universal viewing.

I also went to see PJ Harvey at the Roundhouse on Friday. She played all of I Inside The Old Year Dying and a equal sized set of career spanning bangers (although notably nothing from Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea). And she’s incredible… there aren’t many who hold court the way she does, full of power and tenderness in equal measure. And I was extremely pleased to see her holding an electric guitar for a good chunk of the set too. The White Chalk years were great but I’ve missed Rock Polly.

I have failed to see The Creator in its opening weekend though, which I’m lightly gutted about. Might have to sneak off in the week.

I have consistently run 10km every weekend for weeks now. Actually felt quite good today, no mechanical aches and pains, and I felt able to properly apply myself (from a cardiovascular point of view) to the whole distance. Have signed up for the Winter Run 10km in Feb and am considering the Ealing Half. Although 10k is a good distance… 21k is a whole other thing.

Goals achieved from the previous week:

  • Finally get the project I’ve working on for months actually signed off by the client: we’re, like, THIS close
  • Don’t get too excited about the Jaguar: I should have been excited, it’s bloody great

Goals for the coming week:

  • See The Creator
  • Set up the Jaguar
  • lose 1kg (starting weight 77.9kg)
  • That project sign off thingy

See you next week. Same bat time, same bat channel.