A brief set of WEAK NOTES.

Not much to report this week. Nose to the grindstone, lots done, but also a weird resurgence in my carpal tunnel issues which has made typing and playing guitar somewhat painful. So I’m keeping this short.

The trailer for The Creator looks soooo good:

There isn’t enough non-franchise sci-fi around, IMHO. But also… Hans Zimmer score, John David Washington, Ken Watanabe… it has strong Nolan vibes. And Gareth Edwards does very very good work. Best Star Wars of the new era was his (with the possible exception of Andor).

Meanwhile, Ashoka isn’t very good, is it?

This revival looks stupid and also wonderful: Honda Motocompacto

Saw HotWax play on Wednesday after a bit of slightly drunken ticket shopping. I hate genre labels (for anything) but they’re punk adjacent and absolutely brilliant. I stuck one of their tunes up in the Listening Room and Dork’s own write up is here.

Need more small gigs.

Goals achieved from the previous week:

  • Debut the Duo-Sonic to the world (3rd time). I mean, it’s possible the lack of a forearm contour on this thing is what’s causing the carpal tunnel issues
  • Don’t stop running just because there’s nothing booked. I ran! Not a lot, but I did it. Going to sign up for a winter 10K too

Goals for the coming week:

  • Work stuff
  • Accountancy stuff (ugh)
  • Keep everyone alive (req’d by law)

That’s yer lot.