Everything hurts. Here’s some WEAK NOTES.

Boy, am I hungover.

Did the Richmond 10K yesterday morning. Got round in 55:54, which I’ll definitely take as a win seeing as it was the hottest day of the year so far. That’s not a lifetime PB, but it’s definitely the fastest I’ve run a 10K since I owned an Apple Watch. The entire thing was inside Kew Botanical Gardens too, which is just lovely. (And thankfully has plenty of shade.)

The walk across the bridge to get to Kew isn’t 100% terrible either:

(Not pictured: all the police helicopters searching for that guy who escaped from Wandsworth.)

Anyway, after the run a friend came over, and then we went to a pub for a very nice dinner, and then there was wine and listening to 90s tunes on YouTube and more wine and now my head hurts and also my legs because I forgot to stretch properly. Idiot.

Writing about the lifetime PB got me wondering… so I just reinstalled Runkeeper to see if it had my old records and I’m putting them here for future reference:

  • 5K 25:32 14/07/2016
  • 10K 51:25 30/05/2016
  • Half Marathon 2:08:08 14/10/2018

So there’s something to aim at. Right now I could still do with losing a few kilograms, and I’m nursing a slightly dodgy hip, but I reckon I can knock 4 minutes off my current 10K time. Right?

Fire and forget. I’ve noticed I tend to leave the Weaknotes markdown open in a copy of VS Code and paste stuff into it over the week for subsequent edit. What’s more interesting is my memory has got so bad that when I open it up on a Sunday most of what I’ve copied in there is almost entirely new to me.

The live action One Piece on Netflix is a total joy. Well worth your time. It’s a tad sweary for the kid, but we watched the whole thing as a family.

I changed my looptron.com website over to something more like a link tree with the one good selfie I ever took that’s also my bio picture everywhere. But really what you need to know is I write long-form here, pictures/vids go on Instagram, and I post short updates on Mastodon (with IFTTT regurgitating my toots on various megalomaniac-owned social networks)… and that’s it.

I’d forgotten that WordPad existed, but I’m sort of sorry to see it go. I drafted a hug chunk of one of my final year uni write ups in WordPad because my Microsoft Office install had crapped out and I had to wait until I could get my enormous tower of a 386 back to my parents house and re-install it off the floppies.

Actually, am I sorry to see it go? I actually draft documents in plain text editors these days, and only fire up Word to roll it in glitter.

The job has been pretty full on this week. I think it’s fair to say we’ve moved towards actual production. We’ve got something like final requirements, I’m putting together a backlog, discussions are becoming more specifically technical and solution oriented. I’ve got maybe one or two big documentation jobs to hit but then we should be at the code cutting stage. I’m looking forward to getting my head down and cracking on.

Goals achieved from the previous week:

  • Write that post on minimal travel rigs, and do some Listening Room posts (3rd time). Nope, killing
  • Debut the Duo-Sonic to the world (2nd time). Nope
  • Make it around the Kew Garden’s 10K. Yep!

Goals for next week:

  • Debut the Duo-Sonic to the world (3rd time).
  • Don’t stop running just because there’s nothing booked.

I’m off to find an aspirin. See you next week. Stay frosty.