So with all the excitement about the football last Sunday I totally forgot to post any WEAK NOTES. That said, the week was a bit of a write-off anyway, so I’m rolling these into next week.

We didn’t win the World Cup, but the Lionesses inspired again. The investment the FA has put in over the past decade or so is really paying off and frankly both our national sides are to be cherished right now. Not only are they performing on the global stage but on the whole they’re being pretty good role models for the kids.

Like the Billy Bragg T-shirt I bought for my wife says - “The boys done good. The girls done better.”

Meanwhile, Southampton are a few games in and not yet in a relegation scrap, which I’m taking as a win. Plus, they’re a hundred million quid richer because all the good players went back to the Premier League. Yay?

I found out in the very early hours of Monday morning (thank you rando shouty guy for waking me up at 4am) that Kris Nova had died in a climbing accident. I only had the most tangential of interactions with her during the Twitter exodus to Mastodon. The server I lucked on to ( was running in her basement at the time. Watching her (and the crew) livestream their way through ensuing meltdown and cloud migration was deeply inspiring on both a nerdy and a human level. What they did then with Nivenly and the whole thing was even more impressive.

She was a bright light, and she’ll be missed. Look her up.

My sincerest condolences to her nearest and dearest.

I have hardly written a line of code in weeks. We’re in the design/quote phase of a project, and no plan survives first contact with enemy. On the bright side, there is a lot more work coming out of it, and we’re having to be quite strict with the client about feature creep. Can it do this? Yes, for a price. What about that? Yes, for a price. How about this? Rinse and repeat.

The downside is I may still be working on this in my retirement.

A reminder to myself to check out this Beeb documentary about the rise of Grime, plus the lovely quote from the Guardian review: “Slimzee was in fact given the country’s first ever asbo and was banned from ascending beyond the fourth floor of any tower block.”

My brother has written a musical and after small local debut they’ve taken a version up to Edinburgh. The Scotsman liked it (NB paywall):

Goals achieved from the previous week:

  • I’m going to try and record one of the tunes I’ve got on the go. this actually became lots of practice for a live performance because I finished my Duo-Sonic - more on that later.
  • Write that post on minimal travel rigs, and do some Listening Room posts. rolling
  • Spend some time communing with a client to knock all the remaining fuzzy edges off a project. yup

Goals for the coming week:

  • Remember it’s a bank holiday tomorrow.
  • Don’t forget to do week notes.
  • Write that post on minimal travel rigs, and do some Listening Room posts (“nd time).
  • Debut the Duo-Sonic to the world.

Have good one, you lovely people. Next week will be a tad hectic - it’s combined daddy day care and work for me.