I’m always impressed by my professional colleagues who can write up and post proper “week notes” at the end of each week. I’m also increasingly interested in journalling, because I forget stuff. So here goes… my own weak sauce version… the inaugaral WEAK NOTES.

Wait. July?! How’d that happen? FFS.

4th July: World’s hottest day since records began according to the US National Centers for Environmental Prediction.

Also 4th July: British Government cosiders rolling back it’s £11.6bn climate funding pledge.

It has been proper warm this week. Is it the general election yet?

Had a quick look at Threads (the latest Twitta Killa) and it’s not cooked. So apart from doing a landgrab on my preferred username (which I then realised is the same as insta, obvs) at threads.net/@looptron I’m going to leave it to stew for a bit.

Honestly, I’m not as cynical about is as some others are (I enjoy Instagram so I’m already handing Zuck all my data and this is just a new “feature”) but no hashtags is a deal breaker. In fact, being able to properly follow hashtags is one of the reasons I’ll probably stick with Mastodon and use IFTTT to pump my inane ramblings into the other social media.

Fun fact: I was having a midnight bowel movement when it launched in the UK so I was actually awake and on my phone. As such I’ve got a sub-million user number (741234).

I drunk shopped for guitar pickups on Friday when I remembered that The Creamery were re-opening their order book that day. I have Mexican made Fender Duo-Sonic I bought on sale a while back and it’s ergnomically fantastic but the pickups/wiring are pretty bland. I was thinking of eBay-ing it and getting something else but I heard some good punk rawk noises at various points this week so have opted to make it a project instead. I’ve gone for some Creamery Dark Line high output blades. Alnico 5s, RWRP. Might need to find a way of putting series/parallel wiring in there too.

Observation: I do seem to be most active/productive in the middle of the night. Which would be great if I didn’t have to wake up at 6AM every day.

In other guitar adjacent musings, there is a distinct dearth of products to let you move a cheap wifi “lollipop” style transmitters away from your guitar’s jack (where it gets in the way and is prone to damage) and onto the strap a la the old “proper” wireless systems. I’m having to improvise something. A possible gap in the market?

Also, did some tweaks on the new Squier Esquire Duluxe. (Esquiluxe?)

Goals achieved from the previous week: None set.

Goals for the coming week:

  • lose another kilo of lard
  • nail down a loop performance of Medusa (an old Superhet tune)
  • get some employment clarity

Pressing “send” and off for a long run. (Which is currently anything over 7km.)