I own quite a few guitars, and when people ask “how many?” I often fail to give an answer… because I don’t actually know. So I’ve been through the cupboard here is the current state of the nation…

I’ve divided them into a few categories - the definite keepers, the ones that are current projects, the ones that I’m planning to shift on eBay/Reverb now I’ve remembered they exist and the ones I have some emotional connection to which are going into long term storage.

Definite Keepers:

  • Fender Telecaster (US) (HoT 4-way)
  • Fender Stratocaster (US) (Monty’s 62 Strat, HoT blender loom)
  • Fender Jaguar (MIM) (custom wiring, upgraded trem - the new Looptron gigging guitar)
  • Squier Paranormal Thinline Tele (JM pickups)
  • Squire Bass VI (stock)
  • Harmony Juno (P90s)
  • Epiphone Century (acoustic, stock)
  • Ashbury Ukulele (acoustic, stock)
  • Risa Travel Uke (heavily modified)

Current “project” guitars:

  • Epiphone Coronet / HB donor body / the end result is a Les Paul DC Jnr thing (Monty’s P90 and loom)
  • Squier Jazz Bass (new Fender MIM neck, Toltec pickups, scratchplate, needs assembling)
  • 70s/80s Westbury Standard (restoration - was going to be a donor body for the Jnr project but is too good to destroy, probably a definite keeper)
  • Shergold Telstar (pretty good offset Tele cabronita thing, although new electronics is a must)
  • A Glarry Strat copy I bought for 40 quid

Guitars I love but aren’t strictly necessary:

  • Kramer ‘84 (D-Tuna, Tremol-no) - superseded by fix to RGX as my Floyd guitar
  • Ibanez Talman (Monty’s DP pickups, HoT 4-way) - superseded by US Tele
  • Epiphone Wilshire (Creamery Sweet’14 Gold Foil pickups) - superseded by Jag
  • Fender Noventa Strat (HoT 4-way) - toss up with Harmony, both P90
  • Epiphone Les Paul Studio (Monty’s PAFs, HoT wiring, matte finish)
  • Fender Duo-Sonic (Creamery Dark Line, Freeway switch)

Probably sell:

  • Danelectro 12 string (stock - got it to noodle with but I’m not a 12 string guy)
  • Epiphone ES-339 (amazeballs, but fufills mainly the same role as the Les Paul)
  • Ibanez Q-series (stock)
  • Squier Paranormal Esquire (upgraded the saddles, output jack, otherwise stock)
  • Fender Meteora (currently on loan, was b-stock, upgraded Bare Knuckle Abraxas pickups, wiring, scratchplate… but really tricky to play sat at the desk)
  • Fender Cali uke (battered)

Store for posterity / future projects:

  • Wilkinson Kit guitar (Bare Knuckle bootcamp PAF-likes, oil finish)
  • Yamaha RGX 321P (has new Gotoh trem, but still needs electronics, Slide P gigging guitar)
  • 70s Jedson Telecaster (needs new nut, re-fret)
  • Squier Supersonic (wiring, killswitch, Wudtone trem, needs paint)
  • Traveler Guitar (Looptron 2000s gigging guitar)
  • Fender Player HM Strat (currently on loan, Superhet gig guitar, on its 2nd neck, Seymour Duncans, custom wiring, paint, stickers, generally trashed)

So… I make that 32. Which is 100000 in binary, so a nice round number.